About Booking

Our primary lake is called St Ann's and is part of the JB Ski complex. We have use of St Ann's lake at the times shown below. To book you can either call JB Ski reception or use the JB Ski online booking system (you may need to register).

For all other times we use our second lake, called Storm. Bookings for Storm can only be made directly with us and must be for at least 1 hour i.e. 4 sets or more.

If in doubt, book onto St Ann's lake (during the times shown below) by calling JB Ski reception.

St Ann's Lake Times

Monday:   9:30 - 19:00
Tuesday:   8:00 - 14:30
Wednesday:   14:00 - Sunset
Thursday:   8:00 - Sunset
Friday:   14:00 - Sunset
Saturday:   15:00 - Sunset
Sunday:   Unavailable - Call Us


Phone JB Ski reception: 01932 579750
For St Ann's Lake bookings.
Make sure you request an LDB Wakeschool booking.
Staffed most of the time.

Book Online: JB-Bookings.co.uk
For St Ann's Lake bookings.
Call JB Ski reception if you need to register.
Make sure you book during LDB Wakeschool times.

Text LDB Wakeschool: 07833 362733
For Storm Lake & special bookings
Please text as we spend most daylight hours coaching.
We'll respond as soon as we get out of the boat!

Email: bookings@ldbwakeschool.co.uk

JB Ski / LDB Wakeschool, Thorpe Road, Chertsey, KT16 8PH
Map & directions.